Crystal Springs Brewing Company Opening Near OPL Office


If there is anything the OPL office loves as much as gear, it’s beer. We have a separate beer fridge that we like to keep full of our favorite craft beers, and beer-thirty on Fridays is a solid office tradition (met with much moaning and groaning if missed or cancelled). So, you can imagine our excitement when the word spread that a craft brewery is going in right across the street from our office. Crystal Springs Brewing Company was started in Boulder High music teacher Tom Horst’s garage. Now, Horst  is settling in a 3,000-square-foot industrial condo at 657 S. Taylor Ave. in Louisville, CO – a mere skip and a hop from OPL. The tentative opening date is sometime this July.

Horst has over 40 beer recipes and has been brewing beer for over 22 years. “Because we brew in very small batches, we can adjust, change, adapt, and create beers more easily than the big brewers can,” said Horst on the Crystal Springs website. We look forward to sampling some of his original recipes like his Doc Porter (an American robust porter that is aged in a rum barrel), Summertime Ale (a Kolsch-style ale, fruity, light, crisp and refreshing), or the Black Saddle Port Barrel Aged Stout which has a lot of 1’s and 3’s in the brewing process: “It was 13 months in development, took 13 days to ferment, spent 13 weeks in secondary, was then aged in port barrels for 13 months, titration took 113 minutes, and then bottle conditioned for 13 weeks.  It will be released the 13th week of summer in very limited batches,” Crystal Springs states on the site.


If you can’t wait until July to taste the beer, it’s available in Boulder locations like the Boulder Wine Merchant, Alfalfa’s and Hazel’s Beverage World. When it does open, it will be the new official Outdoor Prolink company meeting spot. It’s also a great reason to come visit us. Cheers to beer and gear – hopefully we’ll see you there!

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