OPL Pro Review – The Boreas Bootlegger Pack (Coming Soon!)


By Melissa Wills

The Bootlegger pack system has firmly established itself as essential in all my outdoor winter adventures. This pack (originally funded by a Kickstarter) is a modular pack system featuring the ‘super tramp’ suspension (more info HERE) and can be used for hiking, biking and daytrips. This revolutionary pack can switch between suspension systems to give you a customized pack for most outdoor pursuits. With a little creativity, this is the only day pack you need. 

Hiking on local trails I appreciated the ultra light sleeve of the Torpedo to hold my hydration pack and a few extras. It was nice having the space and compatibility to use my own hydration bladder and have extra room for added essentials and no leaking.

The Hopper is a larger daypack that impressed me with it’s organizational features and volume.  I can carry survival basics and have room for the extra supplies need for all conditions. I also liked having the scrimshaw dry bag for the unpredictable weather encounters. The triple tramp suspension was great in distributing weight and it felt light and comfortable while carrying all that I needed snowshoeing.

The Bootlegger is coming to OPL in April!  In the meantime, check out the rest of the Boreas line available now HERE

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