OPL Pro Review – CAMP Armour Lady Helmet

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By OPL pro Katherine Charles

I went to my local second hand gear shop for my first climbing helmet and I bought a bulky, red, antiquated caving helmet. It served me well in that it showed me what I did NOT want: something awkward, heavy, and nonadjustable.

After realizing my folly I bought the  Armour Lady Helmet from CAMP. So far I’ve been very satisfied with it.  It has seen me up many firsts: my first multi-pitch climb, my first experience developing a sport crag, my first adventures swinging axes into ice, and my first foray into the (damn intimidating) world of aid climbing.  I’m happy to say that it has protected my noodle all the while.



CAMP Armour Lady Helmet 2014

Here’s the good stuff: I love the pretty blue color. I love how easy it is to adjust the sizing; a simple twist of the knob in the back is quick and painless. I can wear a thin hat underneath when it’s chilly outside or I can go sans hat with the turn of a knob. I love how lightweight it is. Do you know those times when you get stuck climbing and rappelling in the dark? This helmet has a handy headlamp holder built in. Oh, and it’s one of the least expensive helmets out there! A definite plus for any dirtbag.


The less positive: maybe I’ve just got an oddly shaped dome, but it fits a little too high on my head. A ponytail spot in the back would be a nice addition to a lady’s helmet.​

Folks, if you climb, WEAR A HELMET!  Your brain will thank you. This helmet has saved my noggin from a bruising on more than one occasion and I’m forever indebted to CAMP for their product. All in all, the CAMP Armour Lady Helmet is peachy keen and I recommend it to climbers everywhere.


Katherine Charles rocking the Outdoor Prolink trucker.

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