Brand Spotlight: Movement Skis

Movement Skis: The Freeski Company. Pretty ballsy move putting yourself at the top of the list, even if it is narrowed down to the freeskiing category, but focusing ski design around this rapidly-growing and ever-changing facet of the sport has given Movement Skis the ability to attract big names like Jules Bonnaire, Kevin Guri, and Pia Nic Gunderson. And, according to Movement, this commitment reaches further than their pro team:

“As a brand, we’ve never been scared to try new concepts and push the boundaries of what is possible. Our goal is to inspire you to share our passion for exploration and pushing the boundaries of what is possible on skis for every type of skier in total comfort and security. We want to make the seemingly impossible become possible for every skier.

Talk may be cheap, but after looking into the details of Movement’s offerings it’s quickly understood that the Swiss company is dedicated to building progressive boards with quality materials and construction.

While Movement stays true to traditional ski construction practices, they also put a lot of effort into research and development to utilize the best in new materials and designs. Their dedication to producing quality skis that perform well and can withstand abuse is evident in their willingness to invest in new machinery that reduces errors in manufacturing while maintaining high-volume production, as well as introduce new technologies that enhance performance.

High on Movement’s list of ski technologies is their exclusive use of North Thin Ply Technology (TPT). No other ski manufacturer can claim use of this highly regarded and unique process of fiber layering. Movement has used this technology for the past three years only in their X-SERIES lightweight alpine touring line, and have expanded its use this season to select alpine and backcountry touring models. Below are some of our favorites:


The Movement Shift

At the top of the Touring category is the Movement Shift. Backcountry Magazine gave the Shift a nod as a Gear Guide Select model in the touring lineup, and with good reason. At just 1450g in the 177cm length, the shift boasts a comfortable 98mm waist and modest tip rocker for almost effortless float in fresh powder. Movement added glass and carbon to the North TPT fiber layup to increase response and keep weight low. Offered in 169cm, 177cm and 185cm lengths.


The Movement Trust

For freeriders, the deftly-named Movement Trust begs to be turned loose. With a longer rockered tip and 108mm waist, this big-mountain ski rips it all with excellent float, and a reliable poplar wood core and Vibration Absorption Technology in the nose provide stability at speed. The Trust earned high scores in Backcountry Mag’s 2015 Gear Guide, gaining the coveted Editor’s Choice award for its speedy, confidence-inspiring character. Offered in 178cm, 186cm and 194cm lengths.


The Movement Balance

Women have three options in the North American Movement lineup this season, with two big-mountain models and one backcountry touring model, dubbed the Balance. Marketed as a “freerando” ski, the Balance is designed with freeride touring in mind, but can also be used as an all-rounder for those who spend a few days on-piste. The Balance features a light rocker in the nose specifically adapted for touring use, and a versatile 89mm waist width for responsive turns without sacrificing floatation. Offered in 154cm, 161cm and 168cm lengths.

Movement is bringing select freeride and touring models to the US for the 2014/2015 season, using Liberty Mountain as the exclusive North American distributor. Buyers can expect to see three women’s-specific models and five men’s-focused models in retail shops this fall.

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Nate Lind is an OPL Pro who can found anywhere there’s fresh powder. 

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