ProView – Cassin Blade Runner Crampons

“The Humvee of Ice Traction”

By Gary Ryan, an AMGA Mountain Guide & Founder of the Guide Garage in Ouray, Colorado

Weight: 900-1100 grams

Price: $349.00 MSRP

gary 7

Putting on the Blade Runners is akin to standing on the shoulders of Jeff Lowe himself – solid and unshakable. It’s touted as “the most versatile technical ice crampon on the market,” and I’d have to agree. But, it comes at a price ($349.00 MSRP).

Gary 5

The crampon incorporates the now-standard asymmetrical design (following modern, curved, anatomical boot forms). The uniqueness of these crampons comes from the combination of a stiff, chromoly, V-shaped front platform, giving phenomenal stability under-foot, and a patented wide heel-slide that adds to the torque of the crampon without dulling the feel or sensitivity under-foot. Resulting in the best of both worlds, a sickly rigid crampon that works, ‘feels,’ and flexes with the more-sensitive modern ice boot.

Gary 4

Equally impressive is the orientation and infinite adjustability of the front points for personal preference and assorted terrain. You have an endless variation of not only mono or dual-point possibilities, but also offset versions too, and vertical (ice) or horizontal (snow) individual points. This makes the Blade Runner a truly one-world ice, alpine, or snow contender. Add to this the ability to use a semi-automatic toe bail for softer-flexing alpine summer boots, and you really do have a go-anywhere, climb-‘everything’ crampon.

gary 6

Burly-but-light antibots finale the package, and custom sizing is addressed with 2 size options (37-47) and (40-49). It’s Euro sizing… hey, they are Italian.

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