ProView – Optic Nerve Boreas Inversion Goggles

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Reblog: By Outdoor Prolink Staff Member Mallory, tested in Ski Portillo, Chile Summer 2014.

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The Boreas Inversion goggles from Optic Nerve are really unique. The durable, large mirrored lens makes for a wide field of vision and a crisp, clear view. The curvature of the lens is supposed to replicate the curvature of the eye, so I was able to enjoy the incredible scenery & take in key obstacles like rocks and out-of-control skiers. A major pitfall of mirrored lenses is that they get scratched up easily because the mirror coating is on the outside. The mirrored coating on the Inversion is sealed into the lens, which kept it from getting damaged. The lenses are pretty bullet proof – between dropping them on the cement (whoops!) and a ton of traveling and bustling gear around, the lenses still looked brand new after the trip.


They are also hydrophobic (with a vacuum seal) and easy to wipe clean. Even in a fierce, wet blizzard I did not get any fogging. The yellow lenses are supposed to be for low light and the purple for bright. However, I found that both lenses protected my eyes pretty well from the bright South American winter sunlight, without blocking too much light and brightness. The yellow lens enhances flat light so you can ski with more confidence, but it also did okay in the sun too – important when you get stuck without an opportunity to switch out the lenses quickly.

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The coloring on the purple lenses really stands out which is great for photos and locating the wearer in the midst of an epic face shot. I could definitely see more definition with the purple lenses in bright light than I could with other goggles I have worn, especially those with photo-chromatic lenses. The lenses on the Boreas Inversion are pretty easy to change out.  It took a little practice, but I had it down to about 30 seconds, which was important as the sky was always changing. My goggle tan was really something else due to the wide lenses (5 o’clock shadow-esque) but my eyes were completely protected and a got some compliments on the 70’s reference styling of the yellow lenses.

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3 thoughts on “ProView – Optic Nerve Boreas Inversion Goggles

  1. I know they are old and no longer available but are there any lenses still available? I need a clear one for dark/foggy days

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