7 Lustworthy Cabins

From the deck of the 10th Mountain Division Jackal Hut in Colorado 

Cabin musings…

A cabin puts you touch with nature in a way that’s close, yet comfortable. Homey, yet rugged. Distanced, yet familiar. Cabins satisfy a lust for simple, rustic life surrounded by the peace of nature. From a cliff-side view of a long stretch of shoreline to being nestled among hills and trees, cabin life inspires, rejuvenated and relaxes the soul. Time goes unnoticed. The senses awaken. Rocks, trees, leaves, plants, bugs: all are rediscovered with higher definition. Perspective shifts from a blur of daily hustle-and-bustle to a still-life painting of the surrounding environment. For as much as cabins bring the outdoors in, they also urge a life outside. Throw open the front door and step out into a world of adventure, there is nothing to get in the way of enjoying the world at your feet.

These seven cabins are about as dreamy at they come:

1. The Olympic Peninsula Cabin – Not much is known about this photo, but the image clearly embodies a simpler way of living. Alone in the wilderness.

Cabin 1


2.  Novotny Cabin – A window-rich ocean-front view:  perched atop a seaside cliff in the San Juan Island chain, this dreamy cabin begs for mornings full of rich coffee and a good book. Deep eaves protect the deck and nearly 360-deg. views, and a bridge to the entrance provides a sense of total seclusion.




3. Treehouse Point – Just 30 minutes outside Seattle you’ll find this small community of tree-houses, each built with woodsy character befitting of life above ground. Six individual units can be rented for secluded getaways, weddings and other events..




4. Judith Mountain Cabin – Modeled after an old fire lookout, this sentimental creation in the heart of Montana was built with re-purposed materials for authentic character. Follow the link for a stunning gallery of photos



5. Mudgee Permanent Camp – At just 200 sq.ft. this sheep ranch cabin in western Australia is a brilliant, modern take on traditional vernacular. The copper siding completely encapsulates the cabin to protect it from bush fire, and a rain cistern provides fresh water.



6. Colorado Ranch – As imposing as the first image seems, this cabin in Jackson County, Colo., was designed with modesty in mind. Large roofs protect the compact house and provide generous, protected outdoor living.


Cabin 13

Cabin 14


7. Mt. Brown Hut – If remote is the idea, this hut on the west coast of New Zealand’s southern island takes the win. Built in 1962 at a lower elevation, Mt. Brown Hut was relocated and almost completely redone in 2010 to provide hikers a free place to stay while enjoying one of New Zealand’s many fantastic tracks.


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