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Cameron Lloyd is a passionate mountain biker that lives in Sun Valley, Idaho. He enjoys suffering on a Saturday at the local race (or national depending on the location) or just heading out for 5 hours to enjoy all that surrounds us on this beautiful planet. He works at Club Ride Apparel during the week to fuel the weekend rides. The Boulder-White Cloud mountains are his favorite place to ride and will gladly show you the goods in an email!  He is a coach for his local NICA high school mountain bike team and works within the community to make sure that everyone that wants to ride trails has that ability.

As an avid bike racer I usually steer away from packs but in the last five or so years doing 5-6 hour backcountry rides I now understand the versatility of a good pack. It’s hard to put everything you need in three pockets of a jersey for a whole day’s ride. The Osprey Syncro 10 fits the bill for many reasons.



At 10 liters it has room for all of the trail necessities without being too bulky. Each time I use the pack I find a new use for something in the numerous pockets situated inside the larger pocket of the pack. It has all the necessary functions of most packs with the superior fit and function of an Osprey pack.

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I ordered the M/L pack which was about perfect for my 5’10 height. Right when I put it on I could tell the fit was really good. A few adjustments to the straps and I was ready to ride. Osprey does a really good job of providing breathing points all over the pack. The shoulder straps are constructed of breathable mesh and perforated foam to allow air to flow to areas normally covered by other packs. The best feature of the pack is the ventilated AirSpeed suspension.


It has a wire frame with suspended mesh to keep the pack away from your back allowing air to get to your back from both sides of the pack. The hip belt is nothing fancy but does have mesh nearest to the pack to help with extra breathability. The chest strap has really nice adjustability, up or down, depending on where you want it. I love this features as torso sizes vary. The chest strap also has a magnetic clip to hold the water nozzle in place when it isn’t in your mouth. The magnet is strong enough to hold the nozzle even on rocky, bumpy descents. The only complaint I have with the pack is the internal wire frame extends high on the pack so that when riding I can feel it on the knot below my neck, but it isn’t something that would keep me from wearing the pack for hours at a time.

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The pack comes with an 85 oz. bladder and many more functions than you might expect judging from the outside. The smaller outer pocket has a softer lining that is great for carrying sunglasses, food, or a phone. The larger pocket is where the real features start to show. It has a ¾ zipper that only zips to one side so you don’t dump all of your gear when opening it. Once inside you would be amazed at what you will fit in the plethora of internal pockets. I was able to put a pair of arm warmers, a small first aid kit, pruning saw, multi tool, knife, lube, tire levers, a tube, a small Lezyne pump, a rain shell, 2 gels, and 2 packets of chews. Don’t worry the pack stayed dry with its own cover that is hidden at the bottom of the pack that can be pulled out and on the pack within 10 seconds. The rain fly is attached to the pack so there is a good chance that it won’t get lost! Besides the internal pockets there are two pockets on the left and right side of the pack for quick access items like gels, chews, or a phone on a dry day. The pack also incorporates a helmet holder that is quick and easy to use.

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This pack is a great pack for what it is.  At 10 liters it doesn’t seem like it would be a pack for all-day adventures, but with the ability to store items described above I feel confident that this will be a great pack for 5-6 hour adventures all summer long! Looking at it from the outside filled with gear it looks like it can hold just a bladder and maybe a jacket but the storage capacity of this pack amazed me.

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The fit of an Osprey Pack is unparalleled. The pack sits on the back in a great place, not too high or low. Even with a large load the pack felt great. The only thing I would change is the wire frame and maybe lower it a touch or contour it around the neck.

Overall Impression:

The Syncro 10 is a great pack for someone looking for a pack that isn’t too big but has great storage capacity. This pack is a great item for the backcountry rider looking for a pack that can carry all of your necessities to keep you dry and comfortable. I’m really looking forward to using this pack in the Boulder-White Clouds this summer on some epic adventures!

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