ProView – Osprey Rev 12 Technical Hydration Pack


By Outdoor Prolink Editorial Intern Sara Aranda. Sara likes to climb, trail run, travel and adventure. She comes from California but is making Boulder, Colorado her new home. Sara also works at Movement Climbing + Fitness in Boulder. Look for more blog posts and photos from Sara coming soon!

The first time I wore the Osprey Rev 12 I used it to commute to work on my bike. It was light and roomy enough for all my work essentials, including a change of clothes and a lunch. I truly hate carrying things, so I thoroughly enjoy minimalistic packs that can still get the job done. The neon yellow also helped with visibility, especially when riding home at night.

The next step was to take it running with me, which is more the intended purpose behind the development of this pack – ideal for endurance trail running or “racing endeavors,” or for those who simply like “covering long distances quickly,” as the user manual dictates. I ran with it to work a few times, in addition to using it on some short trail runs. I absolutely loved how the use of its three straps lock the pack in place, and is very efficient in reducing pack movement as you run over rough terrain.


Features include two mesh side pockets, a shoulder harness pocket that fits your phone and potentially a few energy goos/snacks, two hip/waist belt zipper pockets, a 2.5L reservoir, front bungee cord for external storage, and a smaller “quick stash” compartment separate from the main one that easily stores your wallet and keys. The hip/waist belt stretches to help with comfort and fitting, and all straps and buckles adjust very easily.

The back-panel  is a breathable mesh, allowing for a soft, airy feel. And of course there are loops here and there to clips things to or to clip the pack itself for hanging. The reservoir has its own compartment and even its own little harness to keep the reservoir snug, yet it can be removed easily or even filled without taking it out of the compartment at all. There’s a “quick connect” for the hose, similar to the ones on any Camelbak reservoir. This connection is at the top of the reservoir for easy-access, but it also lends itself prone to pressure points that may exist with items packed into the other compartments. One day I ran along some trails in Eldorado Canyon where I suddenly couldn’t get access the water anymore. I checked the connection and the hose end was half out. I clicked it back in place and realized that the button was facing in such a way that things in the other pocket were pressing against it. Luckily you can twist the attachment to face a different direction.Lastly. I’m amazed at how much you can carry in this 10L day-pack (I got the S/M size), and the pack itself doesn’t weigh very much at all (1lb 1oz).


So what’s the final say?

Pros: Versatility, its lightweight yet durable construction, and comfort are its top strengths. Everything just seems so well thought-out. I love listening to music as I run, and I also am a big Strava user, so I need to keep my phone handy while I run. Thus, the shoulder harness pocket, or the “Digiflip media pocket”, is incredibly useful and sturdy. I’ve biked with it in the rain (unintentionally) and while I was able to protect most of the pack with my rain jacket, the front straps were still exposed, along with the media pocket. My phone stayed completely dry however and since the pack is mostly made of nylon, anything that had gotten damp dried out quickly. The mouthpiece to the reservoir hose also has a built-in magnet that keeps it attached to your chest strap – super neat! It’s incredibly easy to drink from it and also to not worry about it flopping around while your run.


Cons: The only things to watch out for are items pressing against the connection button for the reservoir hose, as mentioned above, and the magnet on the reservoir mouthpiece can attract dirt very easily, especially if you’re in areas where the sand or dirt contains hints of metallic minerals. I’ve picked up my pack and found the magnet completely covered in little black minerals. It’s not an issue at all, more-so an annoyance to try and keep clean at times.

So overall there’s nothing really bad to say about this pack. Even the mouthpiece itself is one where you bite it to allow the water to pass as opposed to a lever that can break or fail. I highly recommend this pack to anyone who needs a light and durable pack for trail running or whatever ultralight activity you do in the outdoors. I once did an ultralight backpacking trail run and I really wish I had this pack for it instead of the one I actually used. Osprey is, of course,  known for quality packs, and this one is no exception.

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