ProView — Sterling Evolution Aero 9.2mm Rope

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Three Colorado Mountain College Alums (Eric Crosby, Michael Elges, and Ryan Edwards) put together a fundraising expedition to the Alaska Range with the Boulder Mountain Institute to raise money for Paradox Sports, a Boulder-based non-profit that seeks to recognize and foster an individual’s potential and strength, defying the assumption that people with a physical disability can’t lead a life of excellence. Eric, Michael, and Ryan traveled to the Alaska Range earlier this spring/ summer to raise awareness for Paradox through climbing. They truly believe that climbing can help us discover ourselves on a different level. Along the way and during their adventures afterwards, they’ve been testing gear for Outdoor Prolink as well. 

Sterling’s new Evolution Aero 9.2mm is a beautiful tool for the mountains!!  Right out of the box this amazingly soft and supple rope of light blue on purple made me want to wrap it back up, but that is not what ropes are made for.

I recently had the pleasure of taking the Evolution Aero to some of my favorite spots in Washington State.  The Aero went cragging at Index, alpine cragging in the Liberty Bell group off of Washington Pass, and had a sport climbing outing at a New Halem crag.  An amazing trip with one workhorse of a rope!  Index is a wonderful place for a 70m 9.2 because they have long, hard routes and when you are pulling up the Aero it feels like it is covered in butter, mmm. The Aero took us to the top of the North Early Winters Spire via “The Hitchhiker” (VI 800’ 5.11-), a sustained route at 5.10.  The next day the Aero shot us to the top of the Liberty Bell via “Freedom Rider” (V 1,200’ 5.11).  On our venture back to Seattle we stopped at a little known crag of high quality sport climbs just outside of the town of New Halem, WA.  On our fourth day of climbing we found that the Aero works great with quick links when you are in over your head.

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These granite spires and crags can shred ropes, and the Evolution Aero shredded back.  After this initial trip with the Evolution Aero 9.2mm there is hardly a fray.  I am thoroughly impressed by the Evolution Aero.  This rope has fully exceeded my expectations of a 9.2mm rope.  The sheath is downright burly with incredible handling.  The Aero pulls through gri-gris, gigis, and auto locking belay devices like it does when you are clipping, like butter.



Along with the incredible feel this rope works! The Aero catches you like a 9.2mm, soft and smooth even with the thicker sheath.  Along with all these other wonderful qualities this rope feels light.  The Aero does not feel as light as some 9.2mm but am expecting the durability too be second to none.  This rope is so supple you will be exclusively using it as your sleeping pad in no time!

This rope is a fantastic mountain tool and I am excited and proud to have it in my quiver!  There is not a bad word I can say about this rope right now, I’m in love.  It is thin, light, beautiful and burly with amazing handling.  I just cannot wait to have another Evolution Aero 9.2mm in teal, tangerine, red, or even another blue!

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One thought on “ProView — Sterling Evolution Aero 9.2mm Rope

  1. The Sterling Aero is still firing! I recently took the Aero too Zion National Park for some adventures. The burly sheath has been holding up well even after getting ground in to corner climbs and scraped through chimneys. The Aero’s sheath gives welcomed confidence when stepping around a sandstone arête. Take the 70m Aero too (Silmaril 12a 1000′) on The Watchman to link some beautiful pitches! I am still loving the Aero!

    Happy Rocktober!!!

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