ProView – Outdoor Research M’s Filament Jacket and Stormtracker Glove

Eric Knoff has worked as a full time forecaster for the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center since 2009. He attended MSU and graduated in 2000 with a degree in physical geography. Post graduation, Eric worked with the NRCS in Bozeman as a Cartographic Technician. In 2002 Eric moved to Utah and became a professional ski patroller at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, where he patrolled for the next six winters. In addition, Eric served as an avalanche forecaster for the Going-to-the Sun Road in Glacier National Park during the 2011 plowing season. Aside from avalanche forecasting, Eric has been as a professional mountain guide from 2001 to present for Exum Mountain Guides, Rainier Mountaineering Inc., and Mountain Link. He has guided trips from Alaska to South America and has been a two-time instructor for the Khumbu Climbing School in Phortse, Nepal. – Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center

Outdoor Research Stormtracker Gloves

The Stormtracker is an excellent glove: it offers dexterity and comfort while providing exceptional warmth and durability.


The narrow, streamline fit offers great functionality. The color of the glove in-person is very close to the color on the website. The red/maroon was more vibrant than I expected, but after a few weeks of use it became darker. I enjoy the color.


I have used the Stormtracker Glove for multiple activities. Whether it’s ice climbing, skate skiing or alpine touring, the Stormtracker provides top-of-the line performance. As an avalanche forecaster, I spend a lot of time in the backcountry under all types of conditions. It’s an excellent ski touring glove that offers great dexterity and warmth. Whether breaking out my shovel to dig a snowpit or ripping off my skins, the Stromtracker provides excellent performance for all my backcountry needs. It’s also a great climbing and belay glove. The leather palm is durable and provides a good grip on the rope.


The side zip allows for easy removal of the gloves as well as putting the them back on. The pull tab on the end of the glove is also a useful feature for pulling them on, especially when your hands are wet, or for attaching the glove to a carabiner when climbing.


The one minor size issue I found is the length of the palm. I feel the palm is slightly shorter than it should be on me, allowing the glove to ride up into the center of my hand. If the palm was slightly longer, it would create a tighter fit around my wrist, making the glove less susceptible to bunching. For its weight, I anticipated the glove to be less warm and durable, but it proved otherwise. After many weeks of use, I have yet to see any deterioration of the material or stitching. It has surprisingly good durability for a thinner, lightweight glove. I have put it through the test skiing, climbing and snowmobiling and it has yet to fall apart. It is a more durable glove than most in its category.

Outdoor Research Filament Jacket

From backcountry ski touring to a quick belay in the alpine, the Filament Jacket is ideal for people on the move. It provides a great fit for all activities: narrow in the body, yet offers enough room in the shoulders to easily raise both arms overhead. This makes the jacket good for ice climbing, skate skiing or casting a fly rod. The arm and torso length are just right and the jacket does not have a loose and baggy fit like many in its category. The overall fit of the jacket is one of the best I have found.


The color is noticeable and catches people’s attention. It appears slightly brighter in person than on the website. I am an avalanche forecaster in the winter and a fly fishing guide in the summer and fall. I also rock climb and ice climb on a regular basis. The Filament Jacket is ideal for ski touring, climbing, or a cold day on the river. It’s functional, fashionable yet light, warm and durable. I would recommend this piece to anyone active in the outdoors.


It offers a streamline fit that is great for tucking into a climbing harness or a pair of waders; yet still has enough room to slip over a fleece or soft shell. It’s also exceptionally light and packs easily into my skiing or climbing pack. The pockets and zippers are appropriately placed. The chest pocket is an excellent feature that makes for easy access to a phone or snack while on the move. The large inside pockets are properly designed for storing an extra pair of gloves while ice climbing or skiing. The zippers are high quality have held up to the test.


Although the Filament Jacket has many great attributes, it does have two small drawbacks.  The most noticeable is the issue of getting wet. Because it is down, it does not do well in damp conditions. It does have a moderate level of water repellency, but it’s best to wear a shell over this layer when conditions warrant. Another minor issue with the jacket is how the down looks through the thin outer material. It almost looks dirty from a distance; something that has been mentioned to me more than once.


This piece works well with a variety of products. I prefer it with a fleece or R1 hoody, but it slips over a soft shell nicely for a quick belay jacket. I also wear it to the office regularly and it goes well with my KṺhl button downs. Overall the Filament is a great buy. It’s well made and durable and I’ve used it extensively without issue.

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5 thoughts on “ProView – Outdoor Research M’s Filament Jacket and Stormtracker Glove

  1. Just a word of warning to all Prolink users….
    Read the fine print. You are not allowed to return for refund any of the items you buy here. Even if they do not perform as described. We got burned on an OR jacket that was described as being water proof yet was soaking wet after 10 minutes in the rain/snow. Long story short, they will not give a refund, we have to buy more of their items in exchange to get our money back. Not a good way to run a business and will stop me from trusting the products being sold here.

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