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From the burly approach to Castleton Tower, to the rugged washes in white sandstone canyons in northern Arizona, to the wild flower basins in Ten Sleep, and in the back yard playground of Eldorado Canyon and Chautauqua, the Scarpa Rapid approach climbing shoes get it done.

They are lightweight, climbable, flexible yet supportive.

I am notorious for rolling my right ankle, especially on those long descents back to the car after a full day chasing holds or plugging and jugging, so I am generally hesitant on the low-top kicks, but the Scarpa Rapid approach climbing shoes have great lateral support across the heel and tighten sufficiently enough around the ankle for adequate support. The shoes have decent arch support and a wide toe box, great for anyone with a broad based foot. They run about a half-size big in size, but the extra room is perfect for schlepping (or running) down hill.

The rubber sole is primo. I have been hesitant and didn’t fully trust the rubber of competitive approach shoes, but I have scrambled slick rock, crossed streams, and free-soloed the second flatiron (practically a test-piece for approach shoes) and always felt secure in the Scarpa Rapid.

The tread is adequate for approach shoes – they aren’t aggressive like trail running shoes, but they hold up on dusty dirt trails, rugged and muddy terrain. I wasn’t shy about wearing these shoes and after a full Spring season getting after it, the tread is starting to thin around the outer edges in the front half of the sole, but are still solid throughout the middle and heel. For the amount of miles I’ve put in, they’re holding up strong, but could be a bit more durable.

The insoles are cushy – I’ve never been upset crossing jagged talus. But the insoles have started to curl in slightly on the inner arch side, though this is only noticeable when you’re putting on the shoe. The cloth material around the eye holes are starting to show some wear, but I think of it as street cred. They are sporty and fashionable enough to rock with shorts, jeans or leggings post-climb, and come with an extra pair of grey laces for any lady crusher who shies away from too much pink.

The Final Word

Overall, I am fully impressed and satisfied with these shoes. Would I recommend these? Shoe-betcha!


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When Courtney isn’t chasing adventures, she is found teaching yoga classes in Boulder, Colorado and is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Hanuman Festival, a yoga festival held annually in Boulder, and the Director of Sales and Marketing for SunWellness Companies, a spa and retreat center in Manitou Springs, Colorado. She encourages everyone to laugh hard, love deeply and eat lots of ice cream.


  1. scott

    I am torn between these shoes and the Scarpa Zen. Need it as an “all around shoe” during long-term travel. I worry that the small lugs on the Rapid will get eaten up by all the city walking. What are your thoughts about these shoes durability on pavement? Would like them to last more than a year of intense every day walking (90% city) (10% trekking).



    1. Jess Shuck

      Hey Scott, not sure if our reviewer tested these on pavement, but I can ask!


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