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Being that I sold sunglasses for several years at one of the top retailers in the US I’m very picky when it comes to my sunnies. I know what I want and what I don’t. I don’t want a brittle frame. I don’t want lenses that desaturate the colors of the beautiful PNW. I don’t want to have glare when I’m on the snow or in a boat. I want my glasses to be light-weight. I want quality lenses. I want versatility. I want style. I want my glasses to last long after the sunshiny days have come and gone.

I’ve worn the Sixty-Sixes trekking through Eastern Washington, chasing wildflowers along the Columbia River Gorge and, most recently, hiking to an Alpine Lake near Whistler, BC. (I’ve also worn them to Mother’s Day brunch, Great Strides’ Cystic Fibrosis Walk, and several baseball games!) The Native Eyewear Sixty-Six sunglasses deliver all that and more – not to mention I don’t think I’ve received more compliments on a pair of glasses and I may or may not have over 10 pairs!

Fit and Comfort

Native nailed it with the fit of the Sixty-Sixes. When you can wear a pair of glasses for hours and forget that you have them on that’s when you know you’ve found yourself a winner. In the past, I’ve gotten headaches from frames that are too heavy or have low-quality lenses. There’s also a series of pressure points on the temples and behind the ears causing ill-fitting frames to be a total nightmare. Not the Sixty-Sixes. These glasses fit like a second skin – you never feel like they are going to slip off yet there is no pinching whatsoever.

Another great feature that keeps the frames on your face is the self-adjusting Cushinol nose-pads (flush with the frame) and ear-hugging stems that help prevent the shades from slipping off your face while you’re sweating it out hiking up a mountain or baking in the sun on your annual family fishing trip. I wore the Sixty-Sixes while hiking Dog Mountain along the Columbia River Gorge – a hike that has virtually 100% sun exposure for the last few miles. The Sixty-Sixes stayed on perfectly, sparing me the hassle of having to readjust my glasses every five minutes.


The Sixty-Sixes earn Major style points! The versatility of the Sixty-Sixes is unlike that of any other glasses is my collection. I am a firm believer that outdoor gear does not have to be boring or off-trend. The 1960‘s-era frame with fun color options and mirrored lenses make the Sixty-Sixes fun, stylish, and trendy. Native did an excellent job crafting this frame to perfection. When you want to go from the mountains to a rooftop cocktail hour downtown you no longer need to grab two pairs of glasses! I also greatly appreciate having a soft case (cloth bag) and a hard case (soft/hard exterior with zipper close) – this allows me to toss the glasses in my pack without having to worry about them getting scratched or squished.


The color and clarity that the lenses of the Sixty-Sixes provide is unparalleled – it is not surprising to me that Native is making headway in the sunglass industry with the N3 polarized lenses being one of the most innovative and advanced of its kind on the market today. When you’re hanging out above the tree-line when the sun is ablaze, the last thing you want when you finally reach that beautiful alpine lake is for the sun glare to hurt your eyes. With the Sixty-Sixes you can enjoy staring right at the lake with no glare in sight! I’ve also noticed that my eyes don’t ever get tired while wearing the Sixty-Sixes like they have in the past with other glasses.

The Final Word

I find myself grabbing the Sixty-Sixes virtually everywhere I go – from walking to the nearby farmers market to hitting the mountains for a sunrise hike. If you’re only looking to have one pair of glasses in your collection – make it the Native Sixty-Six; I promise you will not regret it.

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Kelly is a PSIA-certified alpine ski instructor from Seattle, WA who has a passion for the outdoors. When she is not teaching skiing you will most likely find her hiking, backpacking, or snowshoeing throughout the Pacific North West with her labradoodle, Daisy. Find her on instagram, @kellll_bell89!




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