Our 5 Favorite Men’s Adventure Jackets

The seasons are a’ changin’ and having a trustworthy jacket in your quiver can turn any sufferfest into an enjoyable adventure. Below are just a few of our favorite jackets the have been meticulously tested by our pros at Outdoor Prolink.

1. HIMALI Men’s Ascent Hoodie

The Warmest for Weight

Do you know what else weighs 9.5 ounces? An adult Syrian hamster. But we suggest you you put this jacket in your pack for your next backcountry adventure, instead of a hamster. But who are we to judge. One is sure to keep you extremely warm, cozy, and dry.

The jacket is a standout in every regard. Very comfortable four-way stretch fabric, fantastic athletic fit, and amazing warmth to weight among many more.

-Zach Eiten, Environmental Engineer + Wilderness First Responder

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2. Cotopaxi Men’s Lagunas Jacket

Best For the Environment

Nothing feels better than purchasing something new from an environmentally responsible company. Cotopaxi is working hard to keep their gear sustainable during every point of production, leaving you with an eco-friendly product. “Gear for Good” is no joke!

The jacket’s insulative power comes from a 70/30 recycled/new blend of 60 grams per square meter (gsm) All in all, the Lagunas is a can’t-miss addition to any climber’s arsenal of insulation. Its lightweight and incredible warmth justify its place on your next adventure. 

Patrick O’Hare, Climbing Guide

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3. Outdoor Research Men’s MicroGravity AscentShell Jacket

The Best in the Backcountry

Some spend their entire lives looking for the perfect shell. Something you can wear up the mountain, something to block the wind, and something to dig snow pits in. Look no further, the microgravity is the one.

A high-performance shell built to shield you from the elements for long days in the alpine. This jacket combines comfort and protection through Outdoor Research’s AscentShell technology to bring forth the next generation of shell that will soon be a staple in everyone’s kit.

Paul Fotter, Park Ranger

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4. Mountain Hardwear Men’s Cragger/2 Hoody

The Best Lightweight Zip

This jacket can be used as a base layer, with just a t-shirt underneath, or as your only layer. It will go with you to the crag, to the coffee shop, and to the ski resort. It’s versatile, looks great, and will work just as hard as you do when out on an adventure.

The Men’s Cragger/2 Hoody from Mountain Hardwear has become my go-to lightweight layer for just about everything. I wear it on the approach and climb as well as to the grocery store and everywhere in between. 

-Forrest Stavish, Climbing Guide and Instructor

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5. Sierra Designs Cold Canyon Hoodie

The Best Second Layer

This jacket is the jacket to add to all your other jackets. It’ll vent your heat, keep you warm, and make any other jacket ten times better.

This will be my go-to fleece jacket if I am not sure of the destination weather, whether its too cold or not so cold day. The heavyweight category reserves it for too cold days but the zipper helps in regulating temps on warmer days. The Thumb loop and precision on the hoodie are highlights of the jacket.

Shiv Gourshetty, Volunteer Medical First Responder

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Whether you’re out for a simple cross-country ski or a full day trip to your favorite couloir, keeping warm and your temperature regulated is a top priority.

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