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Dirtbag Dreams is the Outdoor Prolink blog. For the outdoor professionals who use Outdoor Prolink, being outside isn’t just a hobby or a weekend activity, it’s central to their lives. On any given day our pros are showing newbies how to climb ice, teaching students Leave No Trace tactics on a semester-long backpacking adventure, taking clients up Everest or Kilimanjaro, or putting out wildfires. Having the best gear that performs during crunch time is essential, so our pros are gear experts by necessity. Dirtbag Dreams is a blog by outdoor pros, for outdoor pros. Our gear reviews are objective and honest, by pros who put gear to the test daily. Also look for adventure stories, pro profiles, industry news and more. To us, being outside is more than a hobby, more than a luxury, it’s essential to our happiness, livelihood and way of life.

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