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Back to School: Remote Outdoor Education

The leaves are tipped with yellow, the mornings are crisp and chilly, and your favorite knit sweater is staring you down from the back of the closet. What could it mean? Fall, of course! And with fall comes the joy of the start of school. Whether you are starting a new year physically going to school, or enjoying the empty trailheads as students return, there are many ways to continue learning outside of the standard education. Below we’ve outlined some opportunities to get your book smarts on and learn about our favorite topic, the great outdoors!

Base Medical

In this new day and age, remote learning is the new standard, and wilderness medicine is certainly staying current. Base Medical offers hybrid hands-on training, remote training, and online courses for all types of certifications. Courses include Wilderness medicine, search and rescue, continued education, and outdoor safety. You can even recertify remotely with them via video sessions.

If this is something you’ve always wanted to do, now is the perfect time to jump on board. Even if you just spend a fair amount of time in the outdoors, these courses are pivotal. Put your mom at ease, and earn some certifications while you’re at it! PS — Base Medical is on OPL, so get to signing up!

Scour the Reviews

Did you know Outdoor Prolink releases reviews of gear EVERY week? We’ve got a database of gear across the spectrum, AND pros that are willing to answer questions in the comments. Got a free afternoon? Dive into the archives and learn about what they love, what didn’t work, and get inspiration for hundreds of adventures. Here are some of our favs to get you started.

Go Deep with Women in the Backcounty

Last winter Dani Reyes-Acosta blessed us with an incredible series on women recreating in the backcountry. We got four full posts focusing on different aspects of getting out there, staying safe, finding mentors, and having fun. If you’re tired from all that leaf-peeping and cider sipping, take an afternoon to read through them all and visit all the knowledgeable hyperlinks throughout.

Get a Snowy Backcountry Education Online

Nothing can replace boots in the snow and skis off-piste, but a few companies are getting privy to remote learning. That means your can up your knowledge from your comfortable sofa and still head into the backcountry feeling confident.

Colorado Mountain School is offering an Avalanche Awareness class (on sale!) that details the who, what, where, when, and why of avalanches. For a few bucks, you can refresh your knowledge, or start your backcountry education.

Mountain Sense has a few courses on their site that are fully remote. While these are a little pricier, you get a much more in-depth education including multiple videos and hours of teaching. Courses include “The Ultimate Guide to Modern Alpinism,” and “Crevasse Rescue Made Easy.”

There are so many things to do besides binge Hulu (let’s be real, Netflix has been slacking these days), so pick a link and head down the rabbit hole. Let us know in the comments of any other resources you’ve stumbled across!

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