Pro Profile – Patrick Betts, Front Range Climbing Co.

Patrick Betts began climbing in 2008 while visiting Colorado and he has never looked back. Since then, he has climbed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. He is now the Chief Operating Officer and Head Guide and Front Range Climbing Company. Patrick has a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Leadership from Colorado State University – Pueblo, and has been working in the outdoor industry since 2009. His … Continue reading Pro Profile – Patrick Betts, Front Range Climbing Co.

Pro Profile – Mollie Bailey

Mollie Bailey started climbing in 2011 in Sand Rock, Alabama. She quickly realized from those wonderful outings that an outdoor life was the one for her. She migrated to Colorado shortly after to pursue the outdoor lifestyle that’s overwhelmingly present in Colorado. She has been a Rock Climbing Guide since 2013; and loves to teach and share the world of climbing with everyone. You can find her on her … Continue reading Pro Profile – Mollie Bailey

Pro Profile – Dan Boozan

A native Vermonter and former bike and ski racer, Dan was involved in a bike accident that left him with a paralyzed right arm and other injuries. After moving to Colorado in August of 2013, Dan connected with Paradox Sports in June of  2014 has been hanging around since. Always at home in the mountains, Dan can be found skiing, hiking, and climbing with friends when … Continue reading Pro Profile – Dan Boozan

Pro Profile: Niels Meyer

Niels Meyer is a guide with Sun Valley Trekking and Mountain Madness. Where are you based? I spend my winters in Idaho and move up to Washington for the summers. What are your favorite outdoor sports? My favorite sports are skiing, alpine climbing, mountain biking and surfing. What’s your career now and what inspired you to go after it? I am currently working as a professional … Continue reading Pro Profile: Niels Meyer

Pro Profile – Craig DeMartino

Craig DeMartino has been a climber for the past 24 years. He climbs around the US and the world chasing routes of all types… In 2002 he was accidentally dropped 100 feet onto the talus of Rocky Mountain National Park which resulted in the loss of his leg, a fused back and neck, and a lifetime of chronic injuries. It is also what led him to Paradox Sports. He … Continue reading Pro Profile – Craig DeMartino

Pro Profile – Kirsten Kremer

‘Kirsten Kremer has not missed a ski season in the Chugach since her first visit in 1993 and has worked and guided for Valdez Heli Ski Guides since 1996. Kirsten’s motivation and exploits are legendary: she has flown a paraglider off the North Face of the Augille de Midi in Chamonix; climbed first ascents in Yosemite Valley; skied first descents on Denali; and is an … Continue reading Pro Profile – Kirsten Kremer

Outdoor Prolink Pro Profile: Rob Gowler

Rob Gowler has been guiding full-time since the mid-nineties and is considered one of the best, mainly working for the Alaska Mountaineering School and Jackson Hole Mountain Guides. He also consults for outdoor gear companies, rigs equipment for TV shows and rescues, counsels other guide services, trains and runs mountain teams, all while embarking on his own personal adventures. He has helped many up-and-coming leaders … Continue reading Outdoor Prolink Pro Profile: Rob Gowler

Outdoor Prolink Pro Profile: Julie Schoenfeld

By Julie Schoenfeld, a freelance designer and digital marketing expert, and former professional climbing instructor. Julie has worked as the Director of Digital Development of Rock and Ice Magazine before recently switching to a freelance career, while spending her free time sampling the steep limestone of Rifle Canyon Mountain Park.  Where are you based? Seattle, Washington. What are your favorite outdoor sports? Climbing, skiing, trail … Continue reading Outdoor Prolink Pro Profile: Julie Schoenfeld

Outdoor Prolink Pro Profile: Mike Kimmel

Mike Kimmel works as the Department Head for English Language at the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy, a public high school that works exclusively with competitive skiers and snowboarders (ranging from Alpine skiing, freeride, all forms of snowboarding competition, and nordic). He is also a climbing coach and primary routesetter for the Vail Athletic Club, and a guide for Adventure Travel Guides. He’s worked as a … Continue reading Outdoor Prolink Pro Profile: Mike Kimmel

Pro Profile – Mountain Guide Kim Jacobs

Kim Jacobs and her husband own an international adventure travel company called Mountain Spirits that takes people trekking, skiing and climbing all over the world including Asia, Europe and South America.  When Kim is not working, she is climbing rocks somewhere on this planet, normally close to where she just finished guiding be it Utah, Idaho, Thailand, Spain, Italy, or Argentina. Kim chatted with us about her passion: helping others … Continue reading Pro Profile – Mountain Guide Kim Jacobs