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Have you ever owned a piece of gear that is so comfortable you almost forget you’re wearing it? Club Ride’s Mountain Surf Shorts are a slim-fitting, feature-laden pair of mountain bike shorts that perform well on and off the bicycle. This spring I’ve been testing out these shorts while mountain biking throughout Colorado’s Front Range and bike commuting in Boulder. 

Club Ride Apparel Men's Mountain Surf

Product Name: Club Ride Apparel Men's Mountain Surf

Product Description: Who says surfers get to have all the fun riding the wave? Hit that berm in style riding in the Mountain Surf shorts. Everything you love from the past versions, combined with new and improved fabric, and internal Velcro waist adjustments. 6 pockets provide ample storage. With a Lazy Boy like comfort fit, this great do it all short won’t disappoint.

Offer price: MSRP: $89.95

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


A true-to-size, slim-fitting, and good-looking cycling short that will serve you well on and off the bike. Practical features will serve you well while riding, and won’t get in the way when you use these shorts for other pursuits.



  • Great fit
  • Comfortable
  • Abundant features


  • Snap front closure
  • Small zippered pockets

I put the Surf Shorts through their paces while riding my mountain bike on trails around Colorado’s Front Range. I also wore my shorts nearly every day while commuting to work. The cows in Boulder have recently given birth, and one day a curious calf came to say hello when I was pulled over for a water break! Aside from cycling, I wore the Surf Shorts while working out at the gym, and playing ultimate frisbee a few nights a week. Trail conditions and weather varied highly throughout my time wearing Club Ride’s Mountain Surf Shorts, from 75 and sunny to 40 and rainy. The wetter conditions gave me a chance to test out the shorts’ water and dirt resistant finish.


The thing I love most about Club Ride’s Mountain Surf Shorts is how well they fit. I have the slightly longer version with a 12” inseam, and it fits just right. While standing, the shorts come to rest about one inch above my kneecaps. (For reference, I normally wear 32×34 pants, and bought a medium size pair of shorts). While pedaling, the shorts don’t catch on my knees and only expose a few inches of my thighs to the sun. I have fairly skinny legs, and the Surf Shorts are appropriately tight. If your legs are on the thicker side, I could imagine these shorts being too tight. One final thing I love about the fit is the adjustable waistband that is hidden on the inside of the waist. The stretchy and lightweight fabric that Club Ride uses for these shorts is soft on your skin, water repelling, and durable. 

Something I appreciate about the Surf Shorts is that they don’t look like cycling shorts. I know this may be a negative trait for those who really want to look the part of a cyclist. For me, I prefer my gear to be suitable for multiple activities. These shorts don’t just sit in my dresser until I’m ready to go bike riding, instead I find myself pulling them out for all sorts of activities. In short, Club Ride’s Mountain Surf Shorts function as well off the bike as they do on it. 


Some of the features of the Surf Shorts I found myself appreciating include the two zippered pockets, gusseted crotch, and the front pocket design. The zippered pockets fit my phone (iPhone 12 Pro) snugly. If you have a phone that is any bigger, I would be concerned that it may not fit. On hotter days, I also opened both zippered pockets as a form of side venting. Club Ride designed the front pockets to sit high on the rider’s thighs, keeping any pocket contents on the top of the rider’s legs instead of sliding down on the side. In addition, the opening for the front pockets is quite high up on the shorts, which provides some extra security for anything in your pockets.

Room for Improvement

One change I hope Club Ride considers for the future is the snap closure in the front. The snap on my shorts is incredibly tight and I think I’m going to tear the shorts each time I undo the snap. Perhaps this will loosen up over time, but it hasn’t gotten easier during my tenure with the shorts. In addition, I have read some other reviews where folks talk about the snap coming undone during their rides. It’s a small critique, but there is always room for improvement!

Friendliness to the Earth

I was unable to find anything on Club Ride’s website about reducing its carbon footprint, but Club Ride does use recycled fabrics for some of their products. Additionally, Club Ride’s website states that they support several bike advocacy groups, including People For Bikes and the International Mountain Bike Association. 

The Final Word

Overall, these shortly performed incredibly well. They fit well, feel great on my legs, have features that meet my needs in the saddle, and look good enough to wear around town as you refuel after your ride. There are a few small areas for improvement, such as a bigger zippered pocket, and a change in the snap design. However, at this price point, these shorts absolutely exceeded my expectations. 

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