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Last year I took up a new activity, aerial silks. The idea behind it was that it’ll be a great alternative workout for all mountain sports, while keeping me mentally challenged. Duonamic Ashtaerial package meets that alternative workout without needing to get a membership at specialized circus gym. I have religiously followed yoga practice for several years, for both flexibility and strength training, and Duonamic supplements the variety my yoga mat needs.

Duonamic Ashtaerial Yoga Package

Product Name: Duonamic Ashtaerial Yoga Package

Product Description: Duonamic is proud to release the Ashtaerial Yoga Package Upgrade your Eleviia with an Aerial Yoga attachment and unlock spinal decompression, tension release and improved focus. Purpose built for Eleviia: Duonamic design principles: easy to use, built to last, and eye catching aesthetics consistent with other Duonamic products. This package works perfect for maintaining fundamental aerial yoga poses* in the comfort of your home, at the office or when you travel.

Offer price: MSRP: $249.00

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Durability


Excellent alternative to traditional home workouts, for both strength building and flexibility. 



  • Ease of setup
  • Aesthetics
  • Moveable


  • Lack of all inclusive tutorial
  • Cost


The Ashtaerial package comes with 1 silk, Eleviia (the anchors for the silk), and the required anchor attachment. The Eleviia hooks onto any standard door frame ie. door trim. The silk is high quality, attractive bright color, with perfect length to adjust setup for high or low door frames and or user height.

The installation is super easy, takes 30 seconds to put it up and break it down. The Eleviia is stable and confidence inspiring and does not slide or loosen even while swinging on the silk/hammock. Although, my partner did feel a sense of discomfort in trusting the door frame itself to hold our weight. All housing door frames are built with varying degree quality, skill, and integrity, so I believe the discomfort is warranted, which after few uses hopefully builds confidence and calms the nerves.


As for the functionality, it is easy and intuitive to perform basic yoga poses and stretches. There is some stretch in the silk, per the norm, something users should be aware while setting up the height. The fabric has a nice grip to perform shrugs or hang without slipping. The whole setup fits in an included bag, easy to stow away after a session. 

Other Uses

This product comes with a few other attachments like the power hold and rings. They would attach to the Eleviia like the silk/hammock. Power holds are designed for climbers grip strength, similar to a hang board but not permanent and portable.

Room for Improvement

It would be helpful for users to have more resources for trainings/workouts, and hope the brand helps fill the space with videos and tutorials. It would be great for Duonamic to include tutorials for users to build workouts on. Otherwise it risks alienating new comers.

The Final Word

I’d recommend this product to all mountain people, it diversifies your daily workout for strength and flexibility, essentials for rock season. I like its ease of setup without a permanent installation required in the house. Light weight and packable to carry during travel. The silk/hammock is comfortable enough for me to sit and watch a full movie in it.

From Duonamic in response to “Room for Improvement”

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