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GOREWEAR’s Torrent Jersey has accompanied me on every bike ride I have done this spring, from 100-mile road rides through Yellowstone National Park, to backyard mountain bike rides in Boulder, Colorado, and everything in between. Through it all, it has provided me with breathable comfort, functional pockets, and style. 

GOREWEAR Torrent Jersey Mens

Product Name: GOREWEAR Torrent Jersey Mens

Product Description: Style and performance come together in this minimal, comfortable, and sophisticated cycling jersey.

Offer price: $100 MSRP

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


A true to size, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, bike jersey with good features. Some slight changes to the zipper would make this jersey a home run.



  • Comfortable
  • Large pockets
  • Zippered pocket
  • Reflective highlights


  • Zipper catches on logo
  • Zipper pull on european side (left)

As someone who is relatively new to wearing tight-fitting bike jerseys, I wanted to test GOREWEAR’s Torrent Jersey in a wide variety of riding conditions. More specifically, I wanted to wear the Torrent in various weather conditions, over various terrain, and riding different bikes. 

The longest ride I wore GOREWEAR’s Torrent on was a 104-mile ride through Yellowstone National Park. The Torrent kept me company as I pedaled through snowy mountain passes, maneuvered through Bison traffic jams, and past world-famous geysers. My frame bag was loaded down with bike tools, food, extra layers, and water, so I used the Torrent’s zippered side pocket to store my wallet and car keys. I always knew where to find these essential items, and the security of a zippered pocket allowed me to store them worry-free. At the end of the day, I had no chafing, no sore spots, and no irritation as a result of the Torrent. My legs were sore and I was in dire need of a big meal, but the Torrent’s comfortable, snug fit, and use of quick-dry and breathable fabric kept me in good riding shape all day. 

While mountain biking in Steamboat Springs, the weather could not make up its mind, and constantly fluctuated between sunny and warm, and cool and rainy. GOREWEAR’s Lupra jacket accompanied me on this ride, and nicely fit in to the back pocket of the Torrent. Some mud splatter and rain drops on the Torrent quickly evaporated away, and I remained dry, comfortable, and thankful for the gusseted rear pockets.


I wore the Torrent while bike commuting to work in Boulder, while riding my mountain bike in the rain in Steamboat Springs, while road biking 100 miles in Yellowstone, and plenty of other rides in between. I tested the Torrent in sunshine, mud, rain, and snow, and on my road bike, gravel bike, and mountain bike. Through it all, the Torrent shone through, and demonstrated its ability to excel in all conditions and all riding styles. 

GOREWEAR’s Torrent Jersey is now my go-to base layer on bike rides. The Torrent is made with an incredibly soft, breathable, and quick-drying blend of polyester and elasthane that feels and functions great on the bike. The Torrent is loaded with pockets too: three gusseted rear pockets, and one zippered side pocket. The Torrent also features a fabric zipper guard that eliminates chafing from the zipper. I have worn the Torrent on dozens of bike rides over the past several weeks, and there are no loose thread, and no fabric pilling.

Room For Improvement

The only sign of wear is on the GOREWEAR logo that is placed on the zipper. Not only is this logo coming off as I use the zipper it also makes it significantly harder to zip up the jersey. GOREWEAR’s choice to put their logo on the zipper has left me puzzled, and slightly disappointed. Another puzzling choice by GOREWEAR is their decision to put the zipper pull on the left side of the zipper. I believe this is the standard in Europe, but it often makes me stumble as I go to put the jersey on or take it off.


I couldn’t find anything specific on GOREWEAR’s website, but GoreTex’s website has an incredibly in-depth, encompassing explanation of GoreTex’s environmental initiatives and goals. This page is full of GoreTex’s environmental updates dating back to 2014, major environmental milestones dating back to 1986, and current goals and initiatives.

The Final Word

GOREWEAR has created a comfortable, highly-functional, and feature-laden bike jersey that functions well across bike disciplines and weather conditions. Some strange decisions by GORWEAR on their zipper leave something to be desired. Overall, the Torrent is a well-designed bike jersey that belongs with you on any bike ride. 

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