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If you haven’t noticed, Outdoor Prolink is a dog-friendly office. And when I say ‘dog friendly’, I mean we all really love these dogs.

Stinky, muddy, semi-wet, treats from the UPS man, a leather couch to lay on, multiple desks to sit under, millions of pets, a backyard to chill in, tons of hikes closeby – these dogs really live the life.

So when Mountainsmith asked me if my doggo Jackson, aka ‘Stinky’, would test a K9 pack, I asked him if he would be willing to go on extra hikes, play with his buds, and carry all his favorite things all in the name of gear reviews. He just looked at me with this face.

Sooo… that’s a yes? Yeah, I thought so too. 

Mountainsmith K9 Pack

Product Description: Combining 35+ years of dog pack experience and the aid of a local, Colorado vet, the 2019 dog packs are the most “dogonomically” correct designs Mountainsmith has ever offered—now with added water resistance and storage.

Offer price: MSRP $69.95

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability


All in all, this is hands down my favorite dog pack (and I’ve owned a bunch). It’s super easy to get on, adjusts easily, and does an excellent job staying put. Jackson loves it and I love not carrying his sh*t! 



  • Roomy, great pockets, fits a lot of stuff! 
  • Easily on and off
  • Adjustable straps for the perfect fit
  • Comfy on doggo
  • Buckles are really simple and easy to use
  • Super durable fabric


  • Literally none! 


I’ve owned lots of dog packs in the past. In fact, even on quick hikes, I put one on Jackson for a couple different reasons. I always want him to have extra water if we aren’t near a stream or river, he definitely can carry his own poop, and honestly, when he was younger, it just weighed him down a bit so Leelah could keep up.

Jackson is an all in doggo. So you’ll find him TEARING through branches, trees, wooded areas – full speed – just to get a stick or a frisbee or a ball. I have to admit he’s not the most clever dog out there, but he’ll have no problem absolutely ripping by, 5 inches from a massive tree branch. 

The fact that this K9 pack hasn’t ripped yet is just a testament to how durable this fabric is. You won’t be replacing this thing anytime soon.

I was also really impressed with these packs quality of buckles and adjustable straps. They are super easy to use, and they definitely didn’t skimp on the quality. Also, you adjust them once and they stay put! Revolutionary.


The worst part of getting your doggo to wear a pack, is getting it on them, especially when their stoke is high. Other brands I’ve used in the past involve throwing the pack over their head, and having to lift up a front paw to get it through a closed leg loop. Not super comfortable for the doggo or owner. 

What I loved most about this pack, is that you don’t have to do that! Toss it over their head, and the lift the sides to buckle all four buckles around their body. One less step, and a perfect way to make sure each buckle is secure and not too tight.

It’s a pretty standard pack with two large zipper pockets on both sides, and two smaller pockets for poop bags and smaller items. Try your best to keep each side weighted the same.

It’s the perfect amount of room for a longer day hike, or can be packed full for a big backpacking trip. Typically, if we’re going backpacking he’ll carry water, water bowl, food, musher’s secret, bug spray (yes, some dogs get mosquito bites), and treats. And this pack has room for all of it! 

I also love the water resistance as this guy is prone to surprise swims.  I’ll turn the corner and he’s already soaked – happens all the time. Or he’ll have his head completely under water desperately looking for the perfect rock.

This look means, “sorry, not sorry”.

Also works great keeping things dry and safe in the snow!

It’s padded in all the right places, with extra padding and mesh material on the chest and back. 

Those extra straps and chest harness help keep the pack super secure (no flopping from side to side) even when getting rough with your best buds. 

Owners will also love the leash attachment and large handle just in case you need to hold doggo back. 

The Final Word

All in all, this is hands down my favorite dog pack (and I’ve owned a bunch). It’s super easy to get on, adjusts easily, and does an excellent job staying put. Jackson loves it and I love not carrying his sh*t! 

Jackson is a 70-pound golden retriever and wears a size medium pack.

This pack, as well as all Mountainsmith products,  are backed by the Forged For Life Guarantee, the official Mountainsmith lifetime warranty — so even the gnarliest dog can wear this pack. 

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