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One week I’m dragging it up multiple sandstone slab routes, the next I’m taking whippers on steep granite. The Trango Agility 9.5 gives me the confidence I need to go all out. Light enough to help you push your limit. Tough enough to withstand harsh environments.

Trango Agility 9.5 Red Flag

Product Description: The Agility 9.5 might become your most reliable partner, no matter what kind of route you set your eyes on. Designed to perfectly balance performance with durability, the 9.5 is light enough to send, burly enough to project, and smooth enough to be the rope you reach for first, every time.

Offer price: MSRP: $215.95

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Durability


While the Trango Agility 9.5 doesn’t excel in any one specific area, it is a great, all-around versatile rope for whatever your desired climbing discipline is. And it’s a great choice for your next adventure!



  • Highly visible middle mark
  • Lightweight
  • Handles smoothly
  • Durable


  • Occasional twist
  • Comes in a factory coil

This being the first piece of gear I’ve ever used from Trango, I went into this test with no expectations. When you first open the package, the strikingly bright pink color jumps out at you. I love bright gear, I find it mentally helps me when I’m pumped out and on the verge of falling. I can look down and easily follow my rope all the way to my belayer. At times this gives me the little extra confidence needed to keep on pushing a little longer. This alone might make it the first rope I grab from my closet when I’m about to go out. Unfortunately, the rope comes in a factory coil, so you have to take the time to carefully uncoil in a way that avoids kinks. It can take about 10 to 20 minutes to do this before your rope is ready to climb. Once it’s ready though and all the kinks are out, the rope has a quality feel to it. My first time taking it out, my friends and I were doing what was supposed to be a quick run up a small multi pitch. We didn’t make it to the top due to a thunderstorm that forced us to bail. I was so glad to have a dry treated rope that day, and think it’s a must if you plan on climbing somewhere where the weather can change super fast.


Having started a new guiding job, I’ve been hauling this rope up multiple routes, trying to familiarize myself with the area and style of climbing that I will be guiding. I’ve also been putting it to the test on personal projects. Whether belaying or rappelling, it’s thick enough to be comfortable in the hands and yet it doesn’t feel bulky. This rope handles like a redpoint rope, being light and feeding smoothly. It accomplishes all this without sacrificing durability. Having taken it up an estimated 50 pitches over the past month, it’s been holding up extremely well. There are only very minimal signs of wear and tear. I do like to take good care of my ropes, and always keep them in a rope bag. With this rope, I wanted to try out another Trango product, the Antidote Rope Bag, which I love and would highly recommend if you want to get the longest life out of your ropes. Also be sure to wash your ropes when needed, in a manner that is approved by the manufacturer.


With 31% Dynamic Elongation it provides a soft catch and helps reduce shock load on gear. Featuring a 1X1 weave, it feeds smoothly through your belay device. This rope is rated to 8 UIAA falls, and that is relatively normal for the average rope of this diameter that is currently on the market. The sheath percentage is 37% offering great durability. The bright color offers great contrast, making the black middle mark super easy to spot. This has always been my main complaint with the ropes I’ve used in the past. 

The Final Word

While the Trango Agility 9.5 doesn’t excel in any one specific area, it is a great, all-around versatile rope for whatever your desired climbing discipline is. And it’s a great choice for your next adventure!

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Matt Hutchins is an assistant climbing guide for Front Range Climbing and a route setter for Spring Climbing Center. He is a former canyoneering guide and has been working in the outdoor industry for four years. You can follow his most recent exploits @matthutchins0515

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