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The lightweight unisex Trango Prism harness works well for gym and sport climbing. The floating waistband making sure that the harness stay centered and there are plenty of available color options. 

Trango Prism Harness

Product Description: The Prism is a well balanced harness, providing a comfortable fit to a wide range of climbers. Featuring floating waist band technology to keep the fit symmetrical no matter the adjustment of the waist band.

Offer price: MSRP: $59.95

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


As my friend said, that the color is so hype — it made him feel like a Chamonix guide. This lightweight harness is great for gym and sport climbing.     



  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of color to choose
  • Floating waist band


  • Thin leg band 
  • Floppy gear loop
  • Thin belay loop

Now that the climbing gym is opening back up after a rough year in 2020, trying out a new harness seems to be fitting to boost my mental game. That and also my last harness was about 10 years old. I’ve been pretty motivated to get back into climbing again after focusing on endurance events the last couple of years. While my climbing grades aren’t going to win any awards, I was excited to jump back into the game. 


I was a bit torn between two sizes at first so I tried both the small and medium size. With the medium size, even though the leg loop feels a bit more loose, the waist belt was just a tad too big, so I opted for small. There isn’t any leg loop adjustment, it felt snug but not too tight. Overall the fit was pretty comfortable for me. 

My male friend gave a medium a try, he is six feet tall and felt the leg loop are fine. On the contrary, though, my other female friend who has a smaller waist than me tried the medium size and thought the leg loop was too tight. I think it is a little bit depending on your preference, I personally don’t mind having the leg loop a little snug and think the harness has a good elastic band to provide different thigh sizes. 

During a rappel or when being lowered, I can feel the leg loops are cutting into my legs a little bit . The lack of padding there is noticeable. 


The bright color choices are super nice. Being a unisex harness, you have the options of bright blue, red, and lime green. The inside of the leg loops is blue for all 3 colors. 

It looks great and the bright color looks nice in any pictures. 


The floating waistband was interesting at first since it was my first experience with it . After a while, it didn’t feel much different than a non-floating waist. I can see it being beneficial with different body types. 


Weighing only 288g, it felt lighter than my other harness.  It can fold pretty flat for easy packing on crag day 


While the concept of a floating waist band is cool, I found that the harness shifts a little bit when I’m taking a slight swing or when falling. It almost made me feel that I would flip. 

The belay loop is pretty thin which in terms of durability it probably will be fine but I wish it has brighter color. My harness is bright lime green and it has a white/grey belay loop. It makes it not as easy to spot. 

My friend mentioned that the hardpoint is a little tight for both rope and PAS. 


The material of the harness felt nice and sturdy. The round shape of the gear loop might not be preferable when carrying decent amounts of gear compared to the square shape . 

The Final Word

Trango Prism harness can be a great training workhorse harness at the gym and also when sending hard outdoors. It also works for different body types. Make sure to choose the brightest color possible to stand out in the crowd. 

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