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I am on the constant search for a pair of sunglasses I can use for all occasions. I don’t want to have to switch out sunglasses or keep track of multiple pairs. I am one and done, and the Easterly sunglasses from Zeal are that one.

Zeal Optics Easterly

Product Name: Zeal Optics Easterly

Product Description: "Drifting in like a breath of fresh air, Easterly’s round, geometric lenses harken back to classic styles from the ‘60s while its features and construction mark a new day in technology in this small/medium-fit addition to our Metals collection. Formed from stainless steel, which is both exceptionally light and strong, its frame is accented with recyclable, eco-friendly Hexetate on the tips of its twisted temples and adjustable ceramic nose pads to customize its fit. Once you feel how well these frames fit, you’ll instantly notice the amazing view through its plant-based Ellume Polarized lenses, which highlight color, clarity and contrast, all while reducing Easterly’s footprint.

Offer price: MSRP: $199.00

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


The Zeal Optics Easterly is a light weight and fashionable pair of sunglasses that can take you from the mountain to the Cidery in one fell swoop. The combination of eco-friendly materials, stainless steel frames, and scratch resistant haricot make these sunglasses ready to adventure in any situation.



  • Stylish 
  • Lightweight (.7 ounces!)
  • Dark frames


  • May not fit larger heads (they make that clear in the description)

I live in a van for much of the year and space is limited. Having a single pair of sunglasses that can go with you on the trail, but you can also wear while getting some work done at a cafe, or relaxing at a brewery after a long day, is super important.


I am pretty particular about the fit of my sunglasses. I am prone to headaches if they are too narrow and will often look closely at measurements online before ordering to make sure that situation doesn’t occur. The Easterly’s have a 52mm lens length and 21mm bridge. They also span 145mm from lens to ear. These glasses fit me really well. I would consider myself to have an average sized face and was pleasantly surprised with the fit. 


These glasses have a 60s vibe throwback feel. The wire rim and nose pieces is not something you see often and I think they’re fun. I would love to try the other colors as well.


Easterly is packed with features. One of the things I love about Zeal as a company is how eco-conscious they are. These glasses are made with ellume bio-plastic lenses. That means that are made with plant-based materials that still keep the lenses sharp, clear, and polarized. The stainless steel frame is super strong, but also lightweight. They have ceramic nose pads which keep the lenses away from your face comfortably. These are adjustable for a more precise fit.

I really like the little twist where the temple meets the front of the glasses. It was a nice style feature, but also made the ear pieces easy to grab off.

Other features include hexetate temples (made of recyclable material), scratch resistant hardcoat, impact resistant and RX ready. Bonus: two-year warranty.


I couldn’t find an exact stated weight from Zeal, but when I weighed them on two separate scales I got .7 ounces. The packability of these is great. Zeal includes a sport case and a pouch. You can use both, or just the pouch. It also doubles as a way to clean the lenses.


The most important function of sunglasses? Protect those eyes from the Colorado sun! And that they did. I wear sunglasses at all times when going outside. My eyes are a light blue and super sensitive to the light. They will water or burn pretty easily if it’s too bright. I liked the dark lens on these sunglasses and they did their job. 


The lenses on the Easterly’s are scratch resistant, the frames are stainless steel, and the glasses are impact resistant. I have no reason to believe these sunglasses won’t last years and years, especially if I continue to use the provided hard case.

Friendliness to the Earth

Zeal keeps each part of the product in mind when striving to be eco-friendly. There are many recyclable features and parts made from sustainable materials. They are also part of 1% for the plants and support other environmental support non-profits and organizations. Everyone, be more like Zeal.

The Final Word

I’m a fan of these lightweight and durable sunglasses. They are easy to pair with hiking and non-outdoor activities alike. I’m looking forward to using them this summer for water sports of all kinds. I imagine I’ll be wearing these for many years to come. 

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