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A two month car-livin’ winter road trip of just ridin’, splitboardin’ and chillin’ created the perfect testing environment on the new Zeal Hangfire goggle. While in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Washington I got to try the Dark Night Hangfire goggles. Did it live up to its potential? Glad you asked.

Zeal Optics Hangfire

Product Name: Zeal Optics Hangifre

Product Description: The Observation Deck Technology roster just got a lot deeper. For ‘22/23, Zeal introduces Hangfire, the first spherical goggle to join the ODT family. Combining the optical technology of spherical lenses, which mimic the eye’s shape to minimize distortion, with ODT’s award winning pantoscopic-tilt design, allowing you to see 20% more of the slope below you, the mountains just got a whole lot bigger. With its sleek rimless design, incredible peripheral and helmet compatibility, Hangfire takes a minimalistic approach to revolutionizing the way you see winter.

Offer price: MSRP: $249.00

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


When the sky just can’t make up its mind, the Dark Night Zeal Hangfire Goggle is the remedy on those bi-polar days. Let these goggles worry about the weather while you focus on the widened view it can provide.



  • Very helmet compatible
  • For sunny/partly cloudy/partly sunny days (Dark Night shade)
  • Transitions well from sun to shade (with Automatic+)
  • Minimal distortion
  • Comfortable padding


  • This lens is not for cloudy/flat white days

There are various types of riders out there, some prefer bluebird sky days and some only ride in fresh pow. Me? I’ll take it all… except ice. From February to March my trip was filled with variable weather conditions, variable elevations, and variable terrain – from Crested Butte, Colorado to Mt. Baker Ski Area in Washington. All of which the Dark Night Hangfire could handle except on complete white out days and fog. It was mesmerizing to explore new ski areas with different types of trees, different snow consistency and different weather – hello fog! When I snowboard I like to warm up on moguls, start in the trees when my legs are fresh, do small/medium jumps in the park, play around on side hits, throw some 180’s and just freestyle ride. With a widened view horizontally and vertically, the Hangfire goggles allowed me to freestyle with a clearer approach and landing view.

Since joining snowsports in second grade with Esprit, an all black ski club, I have always possessed a love for skiing. In eighth grade I made the switch to snowboarding which forever changed my life. Present day, I am a snowboard instructor, spreading my passion to others and helping them understand the FUNdamentals of snowboarding. 


Move over Kool Aid man because these goggles have officially stolen your slogan. Every time I put these on I say “Ohhh yeah.” The padding on these goggles are soft and triple layered thick hugging my face securely and gently. The sturdy strap has gripping attached to it which allows for a strong hold on my head and stood up to the freestyle test. 


Steez level 9/10. No need to fit check for the helmet-goggle gap in the mirror, these goggles are designed to fit just about any helmet. Just grab and ride in style. Zeal’s rimless frame also evokes a futuristic design that makes you look like a badass. If you’ve been looking for a pair of stylish goggles that make you look as cool as you ride then these are it. 


Combining all of the benefits of a spherical lens with Zeal’s Observation Deck Technology (ODT) eagle view design, makes these goggles the widest view on the market. When I wear these goggles my field of view seems like I’m not even wearing goggles since I can barely see the nose bridge. Also, through all the face shots and tumbles, I’ve never had a “foggle” problem because the ventilation system is equipped with hefty upper and lower vents.


My favorite aspect about these goggles is the Automatic+ and I highly recommend everyone to get it. With partly cloudy days your safest bet is to wear low lights, but what if the sun comes out and your eyes start to hurt? The Automatic+ design eliminates any of these worries and adjusts to changing weather accordingly. Another favorite is the Dark Night colored lens I got to test. Chair lift rides and walks back to the car just got a whole lot more engaging since the red shade creates a gotham-like tone on anything black (cars, puddles, helmets, etc…). This color, however, did not fare so well on complete white out days as the Dark Night just couldn’t lighten up enough.


Survived all my face plants

Friendliness to the Earth

It is imperative that companies do their part in producing earth friendly products or else the very market they service will perish due to climate change and resource scarcity. Taking a stand, Zeal Optics uses plant-based materials in their goggle straps and in their sunglass lenses and frames. They are also members of 1% For The Planet and give 1% of their gross sales to environmental causes. Way to go Zeal Optics! 

The Final Word

Overall, the Zeal Optics Hangfire goggle reduced my head tilt motion since my field of view increased – more so vertically. The increased field of view allowed for ease in freestyle riding, specifically approach and landings. The Automatic+ feature works extremely well in partly cloudy conditions when you’re not sure what the sky will look like, but you will still need a pair of low light lenses for storm days in the Dark Night colored lens. 

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Amber Davis
Amber has been a part of the outdoor industry since 2018. Currently, she works as a field guide for Open Sky Wilderness Therapy in Durango, Colorado. Snowboarding is her main hobby but also enjoys backpacking, running, climbing, and hiking. She will try almost any activity twice. Other hobbies include: meditating, gardening, writing and painting.
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