Best Climbing Dirtbag Christmas Gifts Under $50 for 2020

It’s that time of year again! The Boulder Bros are peeling off their shirts and whipping out their beanies, the trad climbers are beginning their annual pilgrimage to Joshua Tree, and Ice Climbers are finally coming out of hiding for the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the Dirtbag Holidays! 

If you have a loved one who is a Dirtbag it is almost impossible to shop for them. They have limited space because they live in their car, they’re never in service anyway so you can’t just ask them, and all of the money they have they spend on strange, oddly expensive gear that is too specific to their niche for you to understand, right? Right. 

This guide is here to help you pick out the perfect gift for the treasured Dirtbag Climber in your life

Help protect your Dirtbags hands from the cold hard sandstone splitters they keep jamming their bodies into, and help protect their wallets since they won’t have to buy tape anymore.

Do you know where your Dirtbag is? Where do they spend most of their time? Where are they obsessed with the rocks so much that they literally can’t talk about anything else whenever you see them? This is most likely the place they need the guidebook most!

Your Dirtbag’s body hurts. I promise you. They don’t have the money or the time to go get a massage, but every night at the campfire they can definitely sit around and self massage with a Theracane! 

Practical, cheap, and who doesn’t appreciate a new headlamp? Even if they already have one, they’ll probably lose it soon anyway.

Those cheap glass french presses are too easily broken and don’t hold any heat! Get them a metal one that they can drop from the top of a picnic table and still use the next day.

6. Diva Cup 

Does your Dirtbag Climber have a period? Help them out by getting them a Diva Cup! They can save the planet by not using single use period products, and you can help save their wallet as well! 

7. Gym Membership 

Your Dirtbag could definitely use a shower. Trust me. Getting them a monthly gym membership can help make sure they shower frequently, and give them a place to park in emergencies! 

In the year 2020 who doesn’t need a battery pack to charge their smartphone or camera? If your Dirtbag likes big walls or camping for many days off the grid, they will appreciate the battery pack for sure!

Is your Dirtbag a creek freak? Do they hate the regular hand jammies? A box of tape might be the secret to their heart this holiday season! Help them protect their hands and tape up like a pro with a good ole fashioned box of tape!

10. Chalk

For the boulderers and sport climbers among us, I must suggest a bag of chalk. It’s cheap, and no climber has ever said the words, “I just have too much chalk on my hands.”

11. Hand Warmers

Especially relevant this winter! Sleeping in a sleeping bag or resting at a belay can only be improved by hot hands. Help your Dirtbag climb their hardest this winter with hand warmers! 

12. Vacuum Insulated Mug

Finally, hot liquids can vastly improve a hungover Dirtbags day. Even a non-hungover Dirtbag can enjoy the benefits of hot liquids. On a cold day, is there really anything better than a hot cup of tea or coffee? 

13. Buff

Warm face = happy Dirtbag. You love the face of your Dirtbag more than anyone, right? Right. Make sure they don’t get frostbite and lose their beautiful nose, get them a warm Buff. Also, this doubles as a mask! Keep your Dirtbag covid safe AND warm. Win-win. 

14. Baby Wipes

Your Dirtbag could use a shower. We already covered this. BUT they aren’t always in a place where there is a shower. So what’s the next best thing? Baby wipes. Help keep your Dirtbags body parts squeaky clean and get them some baby wipes.

15. Earplugs

Dirtbags sleep at trailheads, Walmart parking lots, and side streets in neighborhoods. Many places that deal with unexpected and loud sounds all throughout the night and potentially early morning. Giving the practical gift of earplugs can help the Dirtbag in your life sleep soundly. And what is a better gift than a good night’s sleep?

Dirtbags are not people who seek material possessions. They value the experience of a sunrise glimpsed on the approach trail more than a nice new pair of socks (although theirs could probably use replacing now that you mention it). Dirtbags would rather stay out past sunset replacing bolts on their first ascent than enjoy an evening out at a fancy restaurant. They may be difficult to understand, challenging to bring out to “normal” social gatherings, and they definitely smell funny. But remember, they are a passionate group of determined individuals, who have zeroed in on this very niche and specific activity. They are full of love, and they appreciate the little things.

This holiday season, reconnect with the Dirtbag in your life and get them something cheap, practical, and full of love.

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Kaya Lindsay is the social media coordinator for Yosemite Facelift. She is also a writer and photographer with a passion for rock climbing and the outdoors. In 2016 she converted a Sprinter Van into a tiny home and has been traveling around the US & Canada to pursue her passion for rock climbing ever since. You will most likely find her in a parking lot or coffee shop, camera in hand, planning her next adventure. Connect with her on Instagram @OneChickTravels

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